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Nuns are not all nice and proper.

You would not think that a nun would have such a mouth on her, but Sister Daniels just has to curse her victim with the fuck word while kicking him smartly in the balls, then making him remove her shoes. His dick is hard as he licks the bottom of her shoe. Tough behavior for a nun to be sure. Shoes off, he cant get enough of her foot in his mouth all at once. Toes, heel and all. Soon Sister Daniels is almost nude and she delivers a kick that you will feel as you watch. Yet he remains hard all the time. Kneed as well.How he stays hard during all this punishment is a mystery. She kicks his cock as well as his balls. Almost nude now, just wearing panties, she clearly is enjoying this. Biting his ball sack is a nice touch, and she sucks, then bites his cock. You know he will get of thinking about this many times. As should you.

Two guys and a hot model.

Two guys take the punishment in this video. Our Asian fellow loves the taste of sweat. The stripper is happy to get naked for him, but has more wicked things in mind. She strokes our boy, getting him hot, but he crosses the line, touches her and gets punished for his trouble. How he shrugs off such pain we dont know but we love to watch. His friend enjoys getting blown, but there are teeth in that lovely mouth, and they go to town on his cock and ball sack. Ouch. She arouses only to punish his stiff organ. She really enjoys the power she wields. Such sensitive skin we have there. And the organs themselves. But we love to give ourselves up to great looking chicks, so what choice do we have. If they are going to suck us off we may have to submit to their wicked teeth and kicks and punches. If that is what it takes, then so be it. Gotta have that blow job.

Such a hot asian chick!

She seems to enjoy sucking, punishing and masturbating herself. Cant tell which she likes most. I can tell you this. When I first saw her titties in studio I wanted to play with them real bad. And when I watched her suck his cock, I knew she was someone who enjoyed giving pain in lots of creative ways. If you have to be bitten, this chick is definitely the one to do it. Bite my dick anytime, baby.She mashes his balls with her feet, then indulges her passion for sucking cock before she slaps it, then poses for the camera. Whether she is kicking, kneeing, biting or slapping it is obvious she gets pleasure from all she does.She will lick his balls for pleasure, then suck them gently, but no pleasure goes unpunished. The biting will follow inevitably.

Two asian guys, black student chick

Lots of oral and she does not forget her teeth. Ouch! Student gives his professor an idea. Why should Asian student guy have all the fun? He comes on her leg, then prof wants some, too. He gets some fantastic head and some hard ball kicks. Did I mention fantastic head?Miss Fox's pussy must be really yummy because her biology professor seems to be enjoying licking it very, very much. What is not to like. from the looks of her I wouldnt mind a taste myself. Her knee to professor's balls is brutal, as are her kicks. Why doesnt he give her her A already. B plus is fine for someone who doesnt blow you, but she goes the extra distance. And btw, I have gotten many blow jobs but Miss Fox does it in such a way that My cock was getting hard just watching her.

Really young hot babe loves using teeth and touching herself

Our cute, young blonde student takes issue with her teachers failing her. So she takes matters into her own hands. That is, teeth ? and feet. What hot kicks to his nuts as she demands a grade change. He offers a better grade in exchange for a blow job. Will she acquiesce? She allows him to play with her nipple in exchange for her A. I will bet there are lots of school girls who will give up some tittie in exchange for a grade. She also likes to punch his dick, but kicking and biting seem to be her specialties.I do not think I would want a blow job from Chastity. She is too frisky with her teeth. She knows how to inflict pain and seems to like doing it more than anything else. Daddy issues, perhaps?

This may be too much for you

Forcing him to pleasure her with a weapon. On the edge.Bad, but gorgeous brunette tells Asian man exactly what to do. Makes her lick the bottom of her shoe. She taunts and insults him. That can be hot. A woman who belittles me turns me on. She slaps and kicks.She orders him to get himself hard. That should not be difficult. She is gorgeous with a knockout body. She pokes his balls with cold, hard steel.She gets completely naked and plays with herself while she makes him play with himself. They both masturbate while the other watches. She knows how to use her teeth, too. She enjoys biting him hard.

Inappropriate nurse behavior

Nurses are not really supposed to play with your cock, much less jerk and kick it. But this RN does seem to love cock and arousing men. Her tits dont stay in her little white nurse uniform very well and she seems to show them without the slightest embarrassment. She figures other ways to cause him pain, too. Like ribbing her panty clad ass hard against his cock. His groans give his pain away.But the panties do come off and we are treated to a view of her hot cunt, which she rubs hard against his face, looking for her orgasm. Pain and pleasure, biting and sucking. Okay, mostly biting.

Another biter specialist

Our guy is so embarrassed that he takes such punishment that he wears a hood. I guess he doesnt want his wife to know what he really likes to do: take extreme punishment.Doesnt help, though. She rips the hood off, he curses her and she makes him pay and apologize. ?Open Your legs up,? she orders. And he complies.Her tight little skirt reveals green panties, but then off comes the skirt. No bra, nice A plus cup tits; cute figure. When he curses her again she kicks his balls and insults the way he smells. Poor bastard. A lot like you I will bet.

Employer smitten with employee and the things she lets him do.

Our Asian employer likes licking his employees underarms ? who doesnt ? and her little nips as well. Really tiny ones. Gotta love those.He slaps her butt and makes demands she is not prepared to fulfill. She kicks him in the balls first, then strokes his cock, but watch out for those feet. He likes to play with her tits, she likes to kick his balls. Fair trade.Such an adorable smile she has. I can imagine making love to her, or being submissive to her. But the pain. Such a sweet ass and she also likes showing off her pussy from the rear. But some chicks would rather deliver pain than pleasure.

Blond milf hottie

Lick my feet, lick my shoes while I read a book and lick a lollipop. She does like to lick ? and suck ? and bite. A little more brutal than some others. She inflicts real pain punching and kicking and slapping. She seems to love doubling him over in pain.The tattooed foot gives her away. She likes to take pain as well as give it. And she wears her tats like badges. Down first to bra and panties, you know they wont stay on for long.He just cant know if she will suck or bite. How much pain can one pair of balls take? She does seem to enjoy sucking, though. Lollipops and lollicocks.

Sleeping beauty gets cock in her mouth

She is just lying there on her belly, he plays with her ass and rubs his cock on her body. The she rolls over and he puts his cock in her mouth. Just what I would do. You, too, I imagine. When she wakes up she is not pleased. So what is a gal to do? Well knee you in the balls of course, and make you do what she wishes that will please her. Your pleasure has no bearing whatsoever.She is a cutie, though, so the thought of her punishing you should probably be a turn on. Long, long red hair just adds to the effect.

Licking, sucking and biting in the locker room

This gal likes to tease us viewers directly. She insults us. When a guy enters the ladies locker room. She takes offense, insults him and kicks him really hard. He collapses, but stands back up when she commands him to do so. He strips naked at her behest and licks the bottoms of her feet.Toe sucking must feel pretty good, but being made to do it by a hot scantily clad chick is especially exciting. She is, after all, happy for his intrusion.His cock is bigger than average, but still feels the same pain. And anyones balls will hurt with this kind of punishment.

Redhead on restrained man

At first she plays with his cock bringing him pleasure, but out of nowhere comes that booted foot. He squirms in agony as she gently coaxes him to stand up straight. Once up those three inch heels whack against his balls. She does seem to wish to bring him pleasure, though, all the while taking her own where she pleases. One gets the idea that she would just have sex with him if she had no other obligation.We get to see her totally naked, and it is a treat to see that lovely young body. Pretty face too, bit of a Streisand nose which I find quite attractive. She can suck my dick like she sucks his any time. She obviously enjoys sucking cock.

Look at every part of me.

As I knee you in the nuts.How frisky she is. She knows what she is supposed to do and she is having fun doing it. His pain is her enjoyment and you will be able to discern her pleasure in whipping and kicking. You know her pussy is getting wet for her lover as she deals out pain. I wouldn?t be surprised if she is a lesbian.She has an Asian thing going for her. Probably a mix of some sort. She is all naked except for the boots which she brings to bear as her whim dictates. She touches herself no doubt getting great pleasure. Then she rubs her ass against his cock, but not in a fun way.

Sweetheart with flower tattoo on left foot.

Lying on the floor he is made to lick the bottom of her shoes, then suck the three inch spikes. Off come the shoes and her toes and bare feet get the tongue. He is powerless to refuse, hoping for the reward of her favors.She seems nice enough. Perhaps she will just give him pleasure without causing him any pain. But I am certain he and you know what is in store.She speaks so softly. You will barely be able to hear her. But you will hear him cry out, be sure of that. Nice big tits, but her pussy looks tight enough. They wouldn?t let me try it out; I am guessing she would have if the director had okayed it.

Hottie reading with upskirt view

She must really enjoy kicking nuts because she does it repeatedly. She warms up soon enough, perhaps guilty that he is taking so much punishment, so she allows him to jerk off while looking up her skirt at her panties. He must love looking at panties because he puts up with intense punishment for the privilege. Her foot is like a machine, kick, kick, kick. Off comes her top and we see the tattoo adorning her left breast. She also peels the panty back and gives her victim, and us, a view of her pussy. She takes him into her mouth. But is it for pleasure or pain?

Brunette likes to pose.

That is it. Slap your ass while you show us your disrespect.This guy clearly likes the taste of leather as she happily licks and sucks on her spiked heels. I was wondering if we were going to actually see her tits and pussy at first. She stayed dressed for quite a while. Okay, I will help you with part of the mystery. You will get to see her tits. The rest you will have to discover for yourself.What you should know going in is that you will see a dominating woman kicking her Asian slave and kneeing him. His balls must look like pancakes by the end of this action.

Not as reluctant as she first seems.

At first our gal seems to take pity on our boy, but she does seem to enjoy kicking and punishing after all. She likes to sit right on his face and make it hard for him to breathe. She says she wants him to moan so she can feel the vibrations in her cunt. She does take his cock deep into her mouth while she is sitting on his face, but not just a blow job is in store. Her teeth are well experienced at punishing men. If you like male punishment of cock and balls, this one is for you. A little bonus. She bites his neck and ears too.

Underarms and toes, plus the usual.

But you know she is gonna wake up. And you know how she will treat him when she does. But will she be angry or playful? Ah-h-h, that you will have to discover for yourself. I think he goes over the line, though, when he puts his cock into her mouth. Dont you know that he will pay for his mischief. He tries to explain but loses his train of thought with a sharp kick in the balls. She kicks him in the face, too, but relents and crushes his balls playfully. Watch this one. She is mean. She accuses him of being a loser, and he agrees. She does give him some head, which he loves, but I doubt that she will be all that sweet about it. Know what I mean.

Sometimes the payoff seems worth it

This gal is so hot it seems it might almost be worth taking the punishment to get blown like this. Surely this fellow gets what he wants along with the pain. She admits that she - bites a little bit, - but it isn?t all accidentally and she doesnt always apologize. Still, she is so damn hot! Stroking his cock while she bites his balls. Ouch! Naturally she lets him play with her tits while she jerks him off with hand perched upon tattooed wrist. He requests she suck his dick while he gets the privilege of eating her pussy. He stays pretty hard, though, so I guess the pleasure outweighs the pain. I wanted to eat this model, too, but the director wouldn?t let me.

Biter takes him all the way

A good sport this one. After punishment she allows him his cumming.He is a tutor in this one. Leads Jennifer down the garden path, enjoying the flavors and scents of his delightful teen student. He talks a lot of crap, as always and gets what he deserves. Knees to the balls always seemed more painful, and hot, than feet. He really enjoys having his balls played with, and slapping her ass, but when it gets rough he calls out in pain. He begs for mercy, but always comes back for more. Jennifer plays with his balls with her foot, but then the cruelty comes out and she kicks. She plays with herself too, so turned on she gets. As with most of our gals, Jen likes to suck AND bite.

American guy with blonde

Many Asians take this punishment, but here we have a nerdy American. I guess enjoyment of pain and humiliation knows no nation.Teacher is in a suit, blonde student is made an indecent offer. She goes along with it at first. He makes her stroke his cock and he plays with her tits. She doesnt want to suck his cock, but he feeds it to her. This is the only way such a loser can get any action, although his big cock might appeal to a lot of girls. She gives him what he wants, but also what he deserves. Biting really makes him scream. Only the possibility of getting laid or at least blown keeps this guy going. I couldnt watch anymore so I dont even know if he did get laid or allowed to cum.

Lick those yummy feet, perv

Blonde at the bar, getting tipsy, shows off her body to the bartender. She offers up her armpits and he takes full advantage with his tongue. Nothing like a little girl sweat. But our guy also likes the taste of leather and foot as he amply demonstrates. She lets him take great liberties with her body. No doubt she is a horny one, and when he exposes her ass he shows really hard. Apparently she is out of it, either loaded or amnesiac and she gets even. She calls him a pervert and gives him the treatment a pervert richly deserves.

Princess and mario

Oh she really is a princess. Looking forward to biting and crushing balls. Angry chick. I love her. She seems so innocent even though we suspect it is an act. Quite an actress, in fact. She is tired of all us yucky men. Yes, that is her word. Oooh, gives me goose bumps to hear her talk like that. Even though Princess acts upset, we think she actually enjoys kicking her guy in the balls. He is dressed like Mario, so there is a whole fantasy going on here. A very hot one. Really enjoyed this. No telling which she likes more, causing pain or dick. Clearly loves them both.

Brunette with banana and priest

She is thinking about cock, I suspect, as she sucks, licks and eats a banana. A priest with a big cross is showing her how he plays with herself. When she gets in a good kick she laughs. She loves doing it. Kind of a girl next door type. Lets him see her tits and he reaches out to play with them. Well, you can guess what happens next. Slapping and kicking his balls are in these cards. He pleads for mercy but gets it on the end of her pink socked foot. She sits on his face and chastises him for opening his mouth. Wonder what he is trying to do with his tongue. What would you do with a sweet pussy and asshole sitting on your face? And she gives him a nice deep throat blowjob. What could be bad?

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